Guide of historical and traditional festivals and events in Venice. Biennale film festival, Venice’s carnival and the historical regatta with dates and events.
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   Traditional Festivals and Events, Venice: from museum to city, LA FENICE THEATRE, Teatro Goldoni..
Carnival of Venice
Carnival's dates and events.  
Official sites of Vogalonga
On November 11, 1974, a group of Venetians, with a passionate interest in rowing. in the lagoon and in the traditions of the “Serenissima”, got together on the island of Burano for the first race in a unique “regatta”.  
Historical Regatta
Great and splendid Regattas have always been held on numerous occasions in Venice : the visit of a foreign prince, the election of a Doge or of a new Pope were the occasions on which the pomp and power of the Serenissima Republic were paraded before visitors’ eyes.  
Extension of the cinema of Venice
57° Biennale Film Festival. Only in italian.  
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