Guide of culture about Venice’s rich history. Places and art, images and virtual tour of Venice.

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Hotels in Venice
Venice Hotels - Last Minute Rates
Culture - Places and Art of Venice
Virtual Venice
Visit some of the most beautiful campi of Venice and enjoy them with a 360° wiev.  
St. Mark's Square
It is the undisputed symbol of Venice, the most beautiful living room in the world.  
Ancient Ghetto of Venice
When we visit the Ghetto of Venice we enter an extraordinary and unique quarter  
S.Giorgio Maggiore
The waters of St. Mark's Basin mirror the majesty and splendour of the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore.  
Images of Venice
The photographic club,"La Gondola", was first created in 1948 during the post-war art renaissance.  
Venetian corner
Discover another aspect of this wonderful city, a real mine of surpirises.  
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