Guide of culture about Venice’s rich history. Places and art, images and virtual tour of Venice.

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Hotels in Venice
Venice Hotels - Last Minute Rates
Culture - History
History of Venice
Surf with us thru History, Culture, Curiosities and Society of the Serenissima  
Venetian army in the XVII and XVIII century
Discover the ancient Venetian Army.  
History of Murano Glas
Since ancient times man has paid an almost mystic- attention to glass, attributing something magical and supernatural to this transparent material.  
Dogi of Venice
The "dogi" of Venice in the web: only italian site  
The second Centennial of the end of the Serenissima
During this year, a long set of celebrations will remind the second Centennial of the end of the Serenissima, as the great and important Republic of Venice, that lasted more than a millennium, was called.  
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