Traditional Festivals and Events

Events 2005/2006
This Regatta close the rowing season, it constitutes the so called "rivincita", a second chance
For the Historic Regatta losers.
The rowing boats front each other on the waters in front of the Island. As every year since 24 years
The Festa del Capiteo is going on well organized by Sporting group Voga Veneta Mestre
(Venetian Style rowing) and sporting club 3 Archi.
A calm lagoon and a nice lukewarm sun favoured the happening held on the water of San Secondo Canal, a large number of traditional boats from many club or private associations take part.
The happening has been opened with a mess celebrated on board of a boat dressed up as an altar
In honour of black Mother Mary of Nicopeya venerated in Venice as well in Costantinopoli.
After the mass was over boats were directed to Sant' Alvise on the new site of the rowing club.
The regatta took place between Sant' Alvise and San Giuliano 9 " Sandoli" a typical small boat in use by lagoon hunter in the 16 century, with 4 row, it took 40 minutes to the 36 rowers to finish
An appassionate race.
As every year the happening finished with a light lunch offered to athletes parents and guest.
As every year in the historic centre of Venice a well know running race take place.
The non competitive race will start April 3rd 2005 (date could change from year to year) form
The Ponte della Paglia in San Marco Square to go trough bridges narrow street (calli) and little squares (campielli) and back to San Marco Square.
The happening has two courses one is 5km long and it has been dedicated to baby and schools'
Children and is pointed on a map with a colour the other is 10 km long and it is pointed with another colour.
Along the course some kind of refreshment are provided in different part of the city.
This race is a great chance for schools, non professional racers and tourist that wants to visit the city in a different way.
08 May Regatta of the Sensa

It is a regatta in which the rowers use special gondolas with four addles. An ancient tradition intends that it begins in Saint Mark's basin and ends in front of S. Nicolò's temple at the Lido . This regatta is part of the celebrations for the anniversary and ancient Festivity goddess Sensa (Festivity of the Ascension), during which the Doge was on board of the Bucintoro, with a solemn procession of boats in open sea for the ceremony of the Sposalizio of the Sea. In these days of festivity, in Saint Mark's square, pavilions were build for numerous exhibitors and crowds of buyers from all over came in this particular occasion attracted from the quality of the products of the Venetians handicraft (glasses laces) but also for spices and other products from the East markets

22 May Regatta of Mestre

That regatta is considered as being the first one of the rowing season and is done on special boat of six addles. The departure is from “Canale dei Marani” in front the headlight and you might be able to see the arrival at “Punta S.Giuliano” from the park adjacent.


As well as Vogalonga this is not a race regatta in the real sense of the word, The Palio is an happening
To remind wars between the four sea Republic (Amalfi Pisa Genova Venezia) it is held yearly in one of these City.
The regatta is held in S. Marks' basin with four boat shaped as the historic original models
The rowers are taken from the best athletes of the respective city, and it has lot's of followers.
front the headlight and you might be able to see the arrival at "Punta S.Giuliano" from the park adjacent.

28/29TH MAY 2005

3RD international festival of contemporary dance.
Ismael Ivo, after Frederic Flamand and Karole Armitage, complete the trictic of artist called from the Biennale to reflect and perform the complexity of the choreographic scene today.
Performer, dancer, and choreographer , Afro Brazilian active in Germany Ismael Ivo brings a rich
Knowledge of gesture, terms and theme of the body that knows of to interact with dance, culture
And script of European and North American dance, between tanztheater, butoh, contemporary dance and black roots.
Manger of the 3rd International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Ivo will investigate on new interethnic
Territory. From where the most innovative dance come from.
The festival will be co produced by Biennale di Venezia and Foundation Teatro La Fenice,.

Sant' Erasmus Regatta Giune 2nd 2005

The first regatta dedicate for women only , ride on fast and agile 2 rows "mascarete" .
The regatta is held alongside the canals nearby the green island.

JUNE 2005
51st International Art Expo, from june 12th to Nov 6th 2005.

the exibition is held in the traditional site of Giardini, the program is proposing 2 exibitions
The Art Experience, dedicated to the arrival point of art today, by Maria De Corral and
A little bit farer (title inspired by a Corto Maltese book , created by Venetian Writer and drower
Hugo Pratt) focused on the future of contemporary art, by Rosa Martinez (held at the Arsenal)

Saint JOHN and PAUL Regatta 29 June 2005

Born to maintain alive the passion of rowing it sees younger than 25 race on the hard-technique one row gondolas
The race start from Murano to end at the Ponte dei Mendicanti..


Classic race dedicated to one row boat, push male and female champs to express their maximum ability
On the water sorrounding the isle to end inside it' s canals.

The REDENTORE Regatta 17 July 2005

The regatta is part of the celebrations for the feast or " Redentore" it goes along the Giudecca Channel start
And finish in front of the temple and can ve followed from Giudecca or Zattere pier.
The Redentore feast is to remember to Venetian and the world the pleague that on the end of 15th century
Hit Venice and the world. From 1575 to 1577 the pleague killed thousand of people of all class Historic research
Found more than 50,000 victims in less than 2 years between which the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio who passed by in 1576 , who was nearly centenarian. It is said that the disease reached Venice on board of navies from the east countries, where the Serenissima had full commercial power and control.

The Pellestrina Regatta ( 7Th August 2005 )

The ladies use small boat with two addles called Mascarete whereas the gentlemen uses the Pupparini and two addles too. That specific events always occurs on the first Sunday of August.
That regatta takes place during the feast of "la Madonna dell'Apparizione" which is a very important event for inhabitants of Pellestrina and surroundings. The race is carried out along the coast from the side of the lagoon of the island of Pellestrina which closes the south part of Venice.


The american artist Karen Kilimnik has chosen Venice for the first italian exhibition of her paintings, from 3 october at Palazzo Tito (Dorsoduro 2826) at the invitation of Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.
Interestingly, the palace will be furnished in the style of the epoch for the occasion. The exhibition is open daily except Tuesday.

4 September 2005

A historical cortège - a procession of typical year 500's boats and at its beginning the particular Bucintoro. That Gorgeous boat which is the symbol of Serenissima- This is to evocate the warm welcome dedicated in 1949 to Caterina Cornaro the Cyprus King' s bride that abdicated from the throne
In favour of Venice.
Then the races follows between two wings of yelling people sporting their favourites athlete.
Thus the firs news about the regatta are from the second half of XXII Century it is probable that this exciting race was since then an usual popular competition because Venice was a city toward the sea
And training rowers was a primary need.
There are miscellaneous race within the historic regatta program, the champ regatta, the Caorline regatta
(a tipical boat in use by carpenter and bricklayer in a not so distant past), the women regatta, and the young regatta.

BIENNALE International theatre festival Spet. 15th – 25th

The 37th international theatre festival of Venice will be held from Sep. 15th to Sept. 25th 2005
Managed by Romeo Castellucci.

BURANO REGATTA 18th Sept. 2005

The Regatta that close the rowing season and it is considered as a last chanche for the historic regatta losers Ther regatta is held in front os burano Island.


149 th International festival of contemporary music of Biennale di Venezia will be held from 29 th Sept. to 9 th Oct.


The international Cinema Exibithion of Venice is held yearly in the city usually from the end of Aug. to
The beginning of Sept. the site is as ever the historic cinema palace in Lido of Venice Lungomare Marconi.

In 2004 was the 64th edition, the exibithion is part of the vast scenario of the Biennale di Venezia,
Cultural festival the includes a contemporary art Exibithion .
The first edition has been held during the XVIII Biennale.

The firs prize assigned is called " Leone d' Oro" (golden Lion) it's name pay tribute to the symbol of Venice (the Lion of the San Mark' s Church).
The prize is considered as important as the ones of Cannes Festival or the Berlin Festival.
Three ambitious prize of great impact, often in countertendency to the American Academy Awards.
The oscar prize held in spring, so a few month before.

VENICE MARATHON. Sunday 23rd October 2005

07:30 am meeting in Stra (Marconi square)

08:30 am end of collecting bag with personal items and opening of the starting grids.

09:00 am starting grid closed

09.15 am start of the race for handicapped people

09.20 am start of the 19th Venice Marathon (possible a slight time variation due to Tv broadcasting needs).

11.30 am first arrivals

13.00 pm winner ceremony

15.00 pm race closed.

START: STRA' Marconi Square

FINISH VENICE (Riva dei Sette Martiri)

DISTANCE 42,195 KM/26,224 MILES measured and certified by AIMS/IAAF

the road is flat and slightly downhill

Start in STRA' and run alongside the magnificent Riviera del Brenta
In front of the beautiful villa's by Palladio.

Runners arrive in Venice trough the long bridge

( Ponte della Libertà) that connect Venice to the Mainland.

Right after crossing the Gran Canal trough a bridge of boats

160 meters long (build for the occasion) the runners pass beside

San Mark's Square and goes toward riva dei Sette Martiri.

Where the finish line is positioned in a Very Panoramic position on the

Front lagoon.

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